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Life under the treads

August 1st, 2011 No comments

I managed to land a couple of weeks work at Eden Court Theatre, on the stage crew of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The work was fairly straight forward. On day one we had to unload three lorry trailers and assemble the complete set. For the next twelve days we did the actual shows. This involved sweeping, hoovering, and mopping the entire set before each show. In the first act I’d make sure the stage-left sheep ‘coffin’ rolled on and off stage without crashing into anything, then collecting a couple of camel heads. In the interval there’s the mad rush to get all of the confetti hoovered up, the gold chariot moved to the stage-left wing, the lamp-post prepared and the tread truck tested. Finally in act two I was one of the two people that lived under the blue steps (tread truck) that you see in the photo above, pushing it on and off stage as required. This simple task can get a tad surreal when the two smoke machines and four strobe surrounding us start going full blast! Another thing we had to do was get the previously mentioned lamp-post off the stage in a very, very short blackout. After the last performance there was then the mad rush to get everything disassembled and put back in the lorry trailers, ready for the whole process to begin again the following day at the Theatre Royal Windsor.

Overall it wasn’t a bad experience, although after 20 performances the songs do start to get to you! I’d certainly do it again if given the chance.

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