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UPS Repair – Part 3

March 29th, 2012 No comments

New relays have been fitted, the unit reassembled, and powered back up. So far everything looks good, but I won’t know for sure if the problem has really been fixed until I get some under or over voltages, but I’m fairly confident of the repair.

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UPS Repair – Part 2

March 24th, 2012 No comments

I’ve stripped the UPS down and removed the main circuit board. After a quick examination I identified four likely relays and then extracted them for testing.

Relay R406 had a high resistance across a couple of contacts, so this looks to be the AVR relay. One of the other relays (I forget which) also sounded a bit tired when I was testing it.

What I plan to do next is replace all four, since I’ve already gone to the effort of removing them. The original relays are Song Chuan 793-P-1C-3. I’m going to replace them with Omron G2R-1-E 24DC from CPC. I’ll get them ordered up within the next few days, and hopefully have it back together before the end of next week.


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UPS Repair – Part 1

March 23rd, 2012 No comments

I’ve a small project that should keep me occupied for a short while. I recently got my hands on an APC Smart-UPS X 1500VA (SMX1500RMI2U) which was heading to the skip. It had been replaced by an identical unit after it had developed a fault. Needless to say it happened not long after the warranty had expired, and it was not considered worth repairing.

The issue with this UPS is an “AVR Relay Weld” fault. Hopefully this should be an easy fix, assuming I can get a replacement relay, once I identify the exact offending component.

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My CCNA Cisco Lab

March 16th, 2012 No comments

Here’s a quick overview of the equipment that made up my Cisco CCNA lab, before I pack it away for a while.

Starting from the top:

  • Cisco 2611 with a WIC-1T
  • Cisco 2611 with a WIC-1T
  • Cisco WS-C1924C-EN
  • Cisco WS-C2950T-24
  • Cisco WS-C2950T-24
  • Cisco 2503 with Allied Telesyn 10BaseT transceiver
  • Cisco 2503 with Allied Telesyn 10BaseT transceiver

I’ve also got a Cisco 1721 with a WIC-1ADSL sitting at the back of my desk, acting as my primary ADSL router. At some point I’ll increase its memory so I can install an IOS that supports IPv6, as my ISP (Entanet) does offer this.

Hopefully I can dig this equipment out in another 4-6 months and begin working on a CCNP. Before that, however, I’ve got some other certs I want to get, starting with a LPIC-1.


March 2nd, 2012 No comments

Finally after years of not getting around to the CCNA exam, I finally did it and passed with a score of 920! Not at all bad for my first ever cert, if I do say so myself…

Now I just need to decide what to study for next. I do want to get a CCNP at some point, but I’m in no rush, so I’m currently toying with the idea of LPIC, especially since I do have Linux tendencies!

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