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Theatre Rigging Refit – Part 3

The first stage of my rigging improvement program is complete – i.e. raising the upstage roll-drop support framework.

It took a lot longer than I expected to complete this stage, as a lot of time was spent tweaking and re-tweaking the alignment of the three support struts. I’ve also redone the hanging points for the existing ‘hemp’ line-set above the framework, and installed a new additional line-set. Lastly I’ve installed a length of Unistrut on the end wall, which will replace the timber rail that is still there at the moment.

Next the ropes and pulleys on the roll-drops themselves need to be replaced, and new cloth fitted, as there’s far too many layers of paint on the existing ones. After all that the roll-drops can be reattached to the support framework.

A lot to do before production begins on panto in another couple of weeks!

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