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May 4th, 2011

Hi, my name’s Bryce MacKintosh and I live near Nairn in the Highlands of Scotland. I’m a self confessed technological geek and love learning about anything remotely technical, as I have an insatiable desire to know how everything works. Basically anything to do with science, computers, electronics, engineering, etc…

To varying degrees I’ve been a software developer, web developer, network admin, server admin, desktop analyst, helpdesk analyst, GIS analyst, land surveyor, theatre technician, lighting designer, sound engineer, electronics technician, electrician, mechanic, welder, tractor driver, amongst other things… Quite simply I can turn my hand to most things, especially if there’s electrons flowing through it!

In my spare time I assist the Nairn drama club with the running of their small theatre, mostly looking after the sound and lighting systems, but also doing other maintenance around the place as well as being a committee member. I also look after the website for the drama club as well as another for the local farming society. The sites are nothing special, just Drupal and a bit of tweaking:

I do have a number of other websites which I look after anonymously, so I’m not listing them here!

For several years now I’ve been working in IT support, but I’m keen to get back into software development as soon as possible, as it’s something I used to do, and find vastly more interesting. I just need to get back up to speed with programming first. If you happen to know of any junior developer vacancies near me, then please let me know!

Thanks for visiting,

eMail: Click here or take a guess!

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